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    2015GRØN DYST 2015Nyholm, A.C.Bæredygtige byggematerialer ved Ressource City Næstved
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Falkenberg, K.B.Syngas fermentation - Growing bacteria on CO2
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Brekke, T.Aesthetic solar cells
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Randa-Boldt, E.Retrofitting a Panamax-class container vessel for Liquified Natural Gas operation along the Northern Sea Route
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Øhlenschlæger, M.Microbial Drinking Water Quality in a Submerged Pond Sand Filter, Gosaba Village, India
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Jacobsen, A.J.Nitric acid production from off-gases by green and sustainable catalysis
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Hansen, D.S.Gluten Free Beer from Unmalted Oats
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Ruina, Jessica Linda Bright Urbanization Unfolding the potential between DTU and Lyngby
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Kristiansen, M.Power and energy support of wind through IEC 61851 EV/EVSEs
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Nielsen, Josefine HolmApplication of optical properties of diatoms
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Skjørten, S.S.Off-grid Egg Incubator
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Sørstrøm, S.E.ChemFree – safe, efficient and environmentally friendly oil spill technology
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Chen, YuanDegradation of PET Using Ionic Liquid
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Longden, Jonathan PaulDevelopment of an industrial process to extract nucleotides from fungal fermentation waste
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Johansen, Alexander R.GRØN DYST Diabetic Retinopathy
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Kirkstrand, R.Eco-friendly Production of Succinic Acid from Biofuel Waste Using a Consortium of Metabolic Engineered E.coli Strains
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Hansen, Anne Sofie LærkeEvaluation of Metabolic Engineering Strategies for Production of a Large Panel of Chemicals
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Ali, Zahra N.Development of Industrial Applicable Methods for Synthesis of Mesoporous Zeolite Catalysts
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Chew, C.W.LCA-Modeling of Waste Management System of DHL Relay Event in Copenhagen
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Cao, Xiaotong Production of β-poly (malic acid) by Microorganism with in situ Membrane Separation
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Fu, Zhaolin The catalytic pyrolysis of lignin to benzene, toluene and xylene
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Qi, ChunpingExtraction of phenols from coal tar by Ionic liquids
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Nielsen, Timo HarboeGenetic algorithms in super light concrete design
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Warm, C.Amorphous Coatings for Corrosion Protection in Demanding Environments
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Tan, Clarence. W.J.Using of sustainability label with mobile application for a more sustainable environment through diet change