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    2015GRØN DYST 2015Ellingsen, C.Green box – think inside the box
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Lillethorup, M.Endoscopic Virtual Trainer
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Poulsen, R.B.Sustainable Green City Logistics utilizing Sharing Economy
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Rubio, J.F.Heat Recovery from District Heating Networks using Large Heat Pumps
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Laboratory ventilation
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Stener, LIEStructure and Optical Characterization of Earth Abundant Cu2MSn(S,Se)4 layer for Thin Film Solar Cell
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Inner walls at DTU
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Friberg, J.Improved Kayak Ergometer
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Schlichtkrull, A.Nature-Inspired and Energy Efficient Route Planning
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Optimisation of DTU data bar service
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Ashfaq, AnisGrøn Dyst Abstract For Posesystem
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Jørgensen, J.A.Structure for Heliac's reflective foil
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Selcuk, A.GRØN DYST Abstract Guidelines for Authors
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Arrildsen, D.Tapp (Water)
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Chu, N.Q.SUPERMILEAGE: Ultra-Fuel Efficient Vehicles
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Seon, Kang-minLow Price DIY type Wind Turbine for Developing Countries & Free Phone Charging Service
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Dreves, G.Refinement of a cigarette pack
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Jamaludin, N.F.Materials and Device Characteristics of Methyl Ammonium Lead Iodide and Caesium Tin Iodide Absorbers for Perovskite Solar Cells
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Grande, E.WaterCue
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Valente, E.H.Improving biocatalytic membranes for broader and better applications
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Ottosen, C.B.Phytoscreening for Chlorinated Ethenes to evaluate outflowing groundwater pollution to surface water
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Ng, Y.F.Tuning Opto-Electronic Properties of Lead-Free Perovskite CsSnI3 Solar Cells by Incorporation of BiI3
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Hansen, J.N.Laser Doped Nanostructured Solar Cells
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Andersen, S.C.Sustainability optimization of supporting structures in buildings