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    2015GRØN DYST 2015Yee-Lam Lee, FlorenceSpent Coffee Ground as an Alternative Energy Feedstock for Biodiesel Production
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Kurz, D.L.Sustainable production of bio-butanol from wheat straw
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Luck, K.S.Using Sunlight to Light Up Buildings : Learning from Developing Countries
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Fliid, A.K.STOP FOOD WASTE : Sustainable Bike Design for Soup Kitchen
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Petersen, M.Sustainable cooling
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Silvioli, L.Waste-to-soap device
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Frellesen, L.L.Optimization of Climate Change Adaptation Projects
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Pedersen, T.B.S.Recycling of large permanent magnets
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Persson, C.Big Data Models for Forecasting of Solar Power
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Teglborg, HenrikDevelopment of Alternative Diesel Oxidation Catalysts
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Emiliano, C.Snow Depth Distribution and Albedo trough UAVs eyes
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Thrynsøe, C.Surrogate modelling of coupled 1d-2d hydraulic model (MIKE FLOOD)
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Frederiksen, A.Donkey Republic
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Johnsen, Lasse EmilEnabling Sustainable Fish Farming
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Hildebrandt, J.Health effects as driver for the use of LEDs
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Larsen, C.G.Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory for Cyclists (GLOSAC)
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Sødahl, J.W.Energy harvester for human body motions
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Arenfeldt, F.Clean water from atmospheric air
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Brams, C.F.LCA on energy carriers for road transport in Denmark
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Smed, Sofie KrøigaardShared Space in Public Real Estate through Service Design
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Petersen, A. Chr.Promoting Environmental and Social Responsibility with Smartphones
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Daugaard, L.EcoTreeTool - Choosing a Green Future for Packaging
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Eronen, M.M.Design of a test rig for full magnetic suspension
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Ali, A.N.The Sustainable Smart City - Copenhagen
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Cronberg, S.W.Clever Usages