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    2015GRØN DYST 2015Spanier, LukasWater splitting in energy provision : Resolving the origin of the unprecedentedly high activity of non-noble nanostructured oxide
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Park, HeonjunEco Image Printing
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Petersen, T.Flowguard Business Concept
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Mandsberg, N.K.Greenhouse Optimization through Anti-Fogging PMMA
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Nørballe, A.Energy Saving Thermostat
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Boyadzhiev, D.Innovative Uses of Alternate Refrigeration Systems
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Sigurdarson, N.S.Solutions for the Reduction of Oceanic Sediment Pollution in the Dredging Industry
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Balanko, JordanAdvanced Hydrokinetic Power – Freestream Gliders
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Palasz, D.R. New design tool for sustainable buildings
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Lead free ultrasonic transducers
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Andreasen, J.S.Structural Application of ash in concrete
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Rupp, Alexander Optimizing Energy Consumption and Operating Cost of Trains by the Use of Flywheels
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Pili, RobertoSolar thermal power plant hybridized with gas turbine and usage of waste heat in chemical industry
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Yee-Lam Lee, FlorenceSpent Coffee Ground as an Alternative Energy Feedstock for Biodiesel Production
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Kurz, D.L.Sustainable production of bio-butanol from wheat straw
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Luck, K.S.Using Sunlight to Light Up Buildings : Learning from Developing Countries
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Fliid, A.K.STOP FOOD WASTE : Sustainable Bike Design for Soup Kitchen
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Petersen, M.Sustainable cooling
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Silvioli, L.Waste-to-soap device
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Frellesen, L.L.Optimization of Climate Change Adaptation Projects
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Pedersen, T.B.S.Recycling of large permanent magnets
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Persson, C.Big Data Models for Forecasting of Solar Power
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Teglborg, HenrikDevelopment of Alternative Diesel Oxidation Catalysts
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Emiliano, C.Snow Depth Distribution and Albedo trough UAVs eyes
    2015GRØN DYST 2015Thrynsøe, C.Surrogate modelling of coupled 1d-2d hydraulic model (MIKE FLOOD)