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    2010GRØN DYST 2010Bonde, Mads TvillinggaardA VIRTUAL GREENTECH LABORATORY
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Mielby, JerrikA golden future for oxidation reactions in the chemical industry
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Norn, ChristofferA Novel Process to Highly Improve the Bioethanol Production
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Hodzic, AzurA Stirling engine powered by the concentrated solar energy reflected by a parabolic reflector
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Vinther Hansen, Anne SophieAvicore - aviation bio-fuel
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Jensen, Kim DegnAdvantages of Nanostructured Surfaces
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Slot, Anders WorningAbsorption Chilled Automobile Climate System
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Goldschmidt, Søren MatthiasAlgae Microculture System
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Møller, AndreasBuilding Intelligence Into Intelligent Buildings
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Eltard-Larsen, BjarkeBluepower Wave Converter
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Kaminska, AnnaBio Meets nano 2010
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Davidsen, Rasmus SchmidtBlack Silicon Solar Cells
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Godiksen, AnitaCapturing of CO2 from flue gasses using ionic liquids
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Jensen, Marie PødenphantCantilever Sensors for Measurement of Biopolymer Degradation
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Zekovic, ErolCharacterization of nanoporous gold electrodes
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Rasmussen, Jakob LyagerBulk disc resonators for heavy metal detection in drinking water
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Mebus, ChristianCommunicating sustainability through interactive design and prototyping of solar cooker
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Maribo-Mogensen, BjørnCO2 Capture Technologies to Combat Climate Change
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Sønderby, TimCO2 absorption from power plants
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Christensen, JonCO2 Capture via Carbonate Looping
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Barriol, RaphaëlCompost toilets in Roskilde festival
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Halldórsson, Andrés ÞórDesign of a sustainable water supply system at the Roskilde Festival
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Jørgensen, Susanne VedelCrediting of Temporary Carbon Storage
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Pedersen, Christoffer MølleskovDesign and Process Development of Micro System for Pesticide Analysis
    2010GRØN DYST 2010Borch, Martin MaltheDevelopment of a sustainable fermentation platform