Development of a one-pot process for ...

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GRØN DYST 2014 Technical University of Denmark

Development of a one-pot process for functionalization and cross-linking of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)
Author:H. Hummelmose (DTU Danish Polymer Center, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Date: 2014-06-27     Track: Main     Session: 1

Novel green technologies delivering large quantities of energy are needed for a sustainable future. The dielectric electroactive polymer (DEAP) technology is one of such with the potential of becoming a disruptive technology within wave harvesting. For this to be realized polymer materials with better performances and especially with higher energy densities are required. This project aims at improving the energy density significantly. For the material to the DEAP an elastomer is used, often PDMS. This elastomer is sandwiched between compliant electrodes, this system then becomes a capacitor. When a voltage is applied on the electrodes they will squeeze together because of electrostatic forces, and thereby the elastomer thickness will decrease because of the incompressibility. The incompressibility and the elasticity of the material are exploited. If the stretched DEAP film is charged with a voltage and then relaxed, the voltage will increase. For wave harvesting the waves are being used to the stretching of the films.