Solar Panel Positioning Software

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GRØN DYST 2014 Technical University of Denmark

Solar Panel Positioning Software
Author:M.D. Bennike (DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
R.R. Vind (DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Date: 2014-06-27     Track: Main     Session: 1

This project aims to provide an easy and accurate method to position a solar panel at the most optimal angel and tilt. The solution is based on a Mobil application that utilize the GPS and accelerometer in a modern mobile phone to enable the user to position their solar panel quick and easy, no matter where they are located without requiring an internet access. The aim is also to make the app as versatile as possible; to make it usable both on mounted panels on roofs as well as small panels used for outdoor activity. Another aspect we would like to focus on is the steady rise of smartphones in 3rd world countries where consistent electricity supply is rare. With this app the efficiency of solar panels in such areas could be greatly improved, resulting in greater independence from faulty national electricity grids.