A relational perspective on knowledge integration ...

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11th International Symposium on Human Factors in Organisational Design and Management (ODAM 2014) CPH Conference

A relational perspective on knowledge integration and organizational decision making
Author:Freek van Berkel (Department of Organization Sciences, VU University, The Netherlands)
Date: 2014-08-19     Track: B - Special sessions     Session: B5 - Relational coordination – in research and practice – part II

In the present research we study inter-unit coordination in situations in which employees from different departments do not have the possibility to frequently interact face-to-face and create mutual knowledge. While at the same time they have to respond timely and accurately in order to transfer relevant knowledge to focal points in the organization where coordination and decision making takes place. We performed an in depth case study of a large public organization in the Netherlands (i.e., survey research, interviews, and observations) and found that the team’s awareness of each other’s expertise and their ability to integrate and externalize knowledge determines their success (achievement of goals) in coordination at the organizational level.