Stay sharp

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11th International Symposium on Human Factors in Organisational Design and Management (ODAM 2014) CPH Conference

Stay sharp
Author:Kjerstin VOGEL <> (School of Technology and Health, Unit of Ergonomics, KTH, Sweden)
Johan KARLTUN (Dep. of Industrial Engineering and Management, Jönköping University, Sweden)
Petter ÅSTRÖM (Instant Work AB, Sweden)
Date: 2014-08-18     Track: F - Tools & methods     Session: F3 - Quality improvement

Meat cutters’ work is physically demanding and is performed mainly with the hand held tool of a knife. The aim of this paper is to report experiences of how researchers together with three companies of different size and character developed and carried out an education program in maintaining knife sharpness for meat cutters. It describes the process of developing an educational program suited for the business and discusses the outcome.