On the IEA strategy: mapping HFE performance knowledge

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11th International Symposium on Human Factors in Organisational Design and Management (ODAM 2014) CPH Conference

On the IEA strategy: mapping HFE performance knowledge
Author:Linda ROSE (School of Technology and Health, Department of Health Systems Engineering, Unit of Ergonomics, KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Christina JONSSON (Nordic Ergonomics and Human Factors Society, NES)
Date: 2014-08-18     Track: F - Tools & methods     Session: F2 - Macroergonomics

In order to support the implementation of the IEA strategy of Human Factors/Ergonomics (HFE) the objective of this pilot-project is to map the current awareness, knowledge and strategies regarding how HFE can be used in optimizing system performance and how and to what extent such strategies are applied in organisations today. The methodology used is that each board member of the Nordic Ergonomics Society´s national boards has a talk with a key stakeholder, using a semi-structured question area guide during the spring 2014. The gist of the results from each talk regarding four core areas will be summarised and analysed and will be presented at the ODAM-NES 2014 conference.