An industry case - Lego’s production challenge: ...

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International Symposium on Robust Design (ISoRD'14) Technical University of Denmark, DTU

An industry case - Lego’s production challenge: maintaining process capability and product quality while increasing production v
Presenter:Rikke Andersen (Polymer Technology, Lab & Support, LEGO Systems A/S, Denmark)
Date: 2014-08-15     Track: Main     Session: 13:00-14:30 Oral Session 2 - Robustness in Production

A simple but vitally important characteristic for Lego, is that all bricks should fit together with a consistent strength press fit. While this is challenging enough, over the years this quality characteristic, among others, have had to be maintained under ever increasing production volumes. In the attempt to deliver the desired quantity on time, many factors can affect the risk profile in a negative way. The risk of losing the overview of implemented changes and their consequences is high, leading to new/potential problems are not detected and known problems are not solved. The presentation will cover some of the initiatives and work processes, which are used to support a positive development in the process capability despite the growth, in order to deliver the right quality of the LEGO bricks.