Rapid results with robust design

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International Symposium on Robust Design (ISoRD'14) Technical University of Denmark, DTU

Rapid results with robust design
Presenter:Torben Bygvraa Rasmussen (NNE Pharmaplan, Denmark)
Date: 2014-08-15     Track: Main     Session: 08:45-10:15 Computer Aided Robust Design (CARD) Session

Robust design that is insensitive to component variation is of course vital for minimizing product quality issues and ensuring low cost. However obtaining robust design requires the capability to evaluate the design robustness and eventually optimize it – and many producers find it difficult to ”get started” – especially in a way, where results can be demonstrated fast. It is our experience, that a good way to get started is to involve the right people from Marketing, R&D, production and QA/QC, and train dedicated people in the use of ”easy to access” software such as Vartran for finding optimal targets (minimizing the effect of component variation on product functionality), and excel for tolerance analysis. This allows for a fast start where the tolerance analysis may be adapted to the special needs of the producer to ensure the most reliable results.