Advantages of Nanostructured Surfaces

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GRØN DYST 2010 Technical University of Denmark

Advantages of Nanostructured Surfaces
Author:Kim Degn Jensen (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Lisa Katharina Tschammer (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Tanya Bakmand (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Supervisor:Anders Kristensen (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Peter Bøggild (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Date: 2010-06-25     Track: Main     Session: 1

The project is based on the 3-week course Nanolithography at DTU-Nanotech, where the overall competence goal has been the introduction and understanding of Nano-Imprint Lithography (NIL). NIL can basically be described as surface manipulation of polymer resists using stamps with nanosized features for various applications. A special focus of imprinted nanostructures has been made concerning applications where the technology has environmental impact, both in terms of energy consumption and pollution. Specific examples of the later include nanoscale structures with chromatic effects facilitated without chemical dyes, hydrophobization through surface topology and generation of large scale nanostructured surfaces for production moulding etc.