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XVI International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Resources (CMWR-XVI) Ingeniørhuset

Management of island aquifers based on simulation-optimization: Application to Santorini island aquifer
Author:Aristotelis Mantoglou <> (National Technical University of Athens)
Panagiotis Giannoulopoulos <> (National Technical University of Athens)
George Kopsiaftis <> (National Technical University of Athens)
George Kourakos <> (National Technical University of Athens)
Presenter:Aristotelis Mantoglou <> (National Technical University of Athens)
Date: 2006-06-18     Track: Special Sessions     Session: Modeling and managing coastal aquifers

The present paper develops a simulation - optimization methodology for estimating the sustainable yield of island and coastal strip aquifers. The method is based on numerical simulation of freshwater flow coupled with an optimization procedure. Then the methodology is applied to calculate the sustainable yield of the main aquifer of the Greek island of Santorini. A complex model based on a 3D density depended flow and transport was initially investigated and the results were compared to a simpler sharp interface model. The sharp interface approximation was eventually selected in the optimization stage because of its simplicity and CPU speed. The flow equations were solved numerically using finite differences while the objective of optimization is to maximize the total pumping from the wells subject to constraints that protect the aquifer from saltwater intrusion. The estimated sustainable yield of the aquifer was estimated as a percentage of the reference recharge rate while this proportion decreases for dry years.