Application of Genetic Algorithm for Optimal ...

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XVI International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Resources (CMWR-XVI) Ingeniørhuset

Application of Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Reservoir Operation
Author:Mortazavi Naeini Seyed mohammad <> (Graduated Student)
Presenter:Mortazavi Naeini Seyed mohammad <> (Graduated Student)
Date: 2006-06-18     Track: General Sessions     Session: General

Genetic Algorithms (GAs) application in the field of water resources engineering is of recent origin. Genetic Algorithms is one of the tools, which handle nonlinear optimization problems in an efficient manner. Optimal reservoir operation of reservoir for hydropower production involves constrained nonlinear optimization. The constrained problem is converted into unconstrained problem by using penalty function method. Genetic algorithm was then used to optimize the reservoir operation for hydropower production. This approach was used to develop optimal operating policy for Dez reservoir. Various steps involved in deriving the optimal operating policy for the reservoir using GA are discussed in the paper. For fixing the GA parameters via Crossover probability and mutation probability, the model is run for different values of crossover and mutation probabilities. The operating policy thus obtained can be used for optimal operation of the reservoir. Results from the model and possible extensions were discussed