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7th International CONCEIVE DESIGN IMPLEMENT OPERATE Conference (CDIO2011)

"Good Teaching Practice" at DTU Systems Biology - Sustaining quality in teaching and learning
Author:Lars I Hellgren <lih@bio.dtu.dk> (Techincal University of Denmark)
Mogens Kilstrup <mik@bio.dtu.dk> (Techincal University of Denmark)
Pernille Andersson <pea@llab.dtu.dk> (Techincal University of Denmark)
Date: 2011-06-20     Track: Main     Session: 1

Success in developing teaching and learning in engineering education depends on teaching competences among faculty. Thus, it is essential to develop systems that promote their understanding of how teaching and assessment can support student learning and development of professional skills. This paper describes a concept of “Good Teaching Practise”, GTP, which has been developed at the DTU department of Systems Biology in order to meet the requirements in Standard 10 in CDIO. The GTP concept support the continued development of quality in teaching and learning at the department. The concept includes relevant elements pointed out as being important to develop and sustain quality in teaching and learning.