Roundtable Discussion on Using the CDIO Standards to ...

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7th International CONCEIVE DESIGN IMPLEMENT OPERATE Conference (CDIO2011)

Roundtable Discussion on Using the CDIO Standards to Meet Accreditation Expectations
Author:Rick Sellens <> (Queen's University, Canada)
Peter Gray <> (US Naval Academy)
David Levy <> (University of Sydney)
Date: 2011-06-20     Track: Main     Session: 1

This roundtable will follow the same lunch table format used at the Montreal meeting. The intention is simply to gather the interested participants around lunch tables to address the questions: What structural or administrative hurdles can we anticipate in the process of using our CDIO resources to meet Accreditation requirements? How will we meet these hurdles successfully and creatively? The roundtable size and duration will scale to match time and space available, possibly operating as up to three separate lunch tables with questions shaped by attendee special interests.