Water Education: An e-learning platform for ...

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7th International CONCEIVE DESIGN IMPLEMENT OPERATE Conference (CDIO2011)

Water Education: An e-learning platform for water-related competence development
Author:Eva Eriksson <eve@env.dtu.dk> (DTU Environment)
Erik Arvin <era@env.dtu.dk> (DTU Environment)
Inmaculada M. Buendía <imbu@env.dtu.dk> (DTU Environment)
Henrik Bregnhøj <hebr@env.dtu.dk> (DTU Environment)
Luca Vezzaro <luv@env.dtu.dk> (DTU Environment)
Peter Steen Mikkelsen <psm@env.dtu.dk> (DTU Environment)
Date: 2011-06-20     Track: Main     Session: 1

The Danish water sector needs competence development and the number of international students enrolled in at DTU Environment is increasing. Based on their different backgrounds there is a clear need for adaptation and development of the existing courses. In response, DTU Environment has created an e-learning platform called Water Education, based on the platform Moodle. It is scheduled to be operational in 2011. Based on the experiences so far, it can be concluded that in some areas major time savings can be obtained and increased learning has been documented compared to a traditional classroom teaching on the same topic.