From Frustration to Success: A Case-Study in ...

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7th International CONCEIVE DESIGN IMPLEMENT OPERATE Conference (CDIO2011)

From Frustration to Success: A Case-Study in Advanced Design-Build Experiences
Author:Thomas Bolander <> (Technical University of Denmark)
Paul Fischer <> (Technical University of Denmark)
Thomas Kjærgård Hansen <> (Technical University of Denmark)
Date: 2011-06-20     Track: Main     Session: 1

A 4th semester CDIO project course has been designed and implemented by the authors as part of the general development of a CDIO-based curriculum for the diploma IT education at the Technical University of Denmark. The course provides a design-build experience at an advanced level that concludes the mandatory part of the education. We present an implementation of the course being resource efficient for both students and faculty, while covering the entire CDIO spectrum and being above average in terms of student learning, completion rate and satisfaction.